The Secretaries’ Society Sarawak (SSS) is a professional organization and provides opportunities for its members to foster and promote goodwill and harmony and to exchange ideas and knowledge about their profession.
Among its aims and objectives are:


(1) To uphold and maintain the professional standard of its members;

(2) To promote, protect and defend the interest of its members;

(3) To foster mutual goodwill, better understanding and friendship among    members through social, sporting and recreational activities of all kinds;

(4) To promote or encourage any form of education or research for the
improvement or development of efficient secretaries through seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings;

(5) To render services in cash or kind to charitable organization as and when the need arises;

(6) To communicate or affiliate with similar societies in other parts of Malaysia or outside Malaysia for the exchange of ideas and improvement of knowledge in the secretarial profession;


Since its formation in 1972, SSS has grown and progressed steadily under the leadership of various Presidents. Its membership currently stands at 122.


Through its various educational, social, recreational, charitable and fund-raising activities, SSS managed to create and uphold the rightful image for the secretarial profession and upgrade our standard of professionalism.


SSS affiliation with MAPSA has succeeded in promoting goodwill and friendship with other secretaries nationwide and abroad through its participation in the biennial ASA Congress.


With the ardent support, dedication and devotion to duty on the part of its members and leaders, SSS is confident of its role to progress well into the future in line with its aims and objectives.


How to contact us:

Persatuan Setiausaha Sarawak

Secretaries’ Society Sarawak


Official Address:

P.O. Box 2018

93740 Kuching

Sarawak, Malaysia


Tel (Hon. Sec):  082-646180