The Sabah Secretariat Association or Sabah Association of Secretaries (SAS) was officially registered on 10 December 1975 after a total of 63 secretaries were interested in attending the First Meeting on 6 September 1975.

The main purpose is to combine Secretaries from both public and private sectors under one umbrella.

Since its inception 43 years ago, members have nurtured office skills & gained recognition in their profession through SAS.

Combined: SAS is affiliated with MAPSA (Malaysian Association of Professional Secretaries and Administrators) and is a member of the Association with Sarawak Secretary of Society (SSS) and the Brunei Secretaries’ Association (BSS).


TRAINING: SAS focuses on training in order to maintain professional standards of its members. SAS is also proud that its members have participated in courses and seminars organized by local SAS, domestic and overseas such as attending seminars / congresses / conventions abroad such as Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Pakistan , India, Brunei, Japan, Korea, New Zealand & Sri Lanka.


SECRETARY WEEK: As friends in the country / outside, SAS also holds International Secretary Week which falls in the last week of April and SAS is also working with INSAN to hold MSPA (Sabah State Public Service Secretary Week) every year. SAS will organize courses / workshops in conjunction with the Secretary Week either among its members or cooperate with other agencies.

How to contact us:

Persatuan Setiausaha Sabah

Sabah Association Of Secretaries


Official Address:

WDT,234, 88670

Kota Kinabalu

Sabah, Malaysia


Tel:  088-286100 {5046}

Fax:  088-238155