Sylvia Thomas started from secretary to head of administration and later to office manager.  Her wealth of 40 years working experience in Finance, Administration and Teaching profession has greatly equipped her as an administrative expert to share, train and mentor office professionals in career development as well as coaching children in personal and leadership development.


Sylvia strongly believes that learning and growing has no age limit or boundaries.  Over the long haul, she has dedicated her time to developing her skills, knowledge and competency by undertaking additional courses and attending educational programmes.  She is a Certified Professional Trainer accredited by MIM/PSMB, a Certified Professional Secretary accredited by the International Association of Administrative Professionals USA and recently obtained a Bachelor in Applied Management from Federation University Australia. Her credentials also cover NLP Triple Certification, Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising, First Line Management, Train-the-Trainer and Diploma in Children’s Ministry.


With a lot of passion and energy for a purposeful life, Sylvia is recognized and praised for her commitment and strength to accomplish tasks beyond the call of duty.  She never ceases to amaze people in performing beyond imagination, conquering challenges and overcoming obstacles with creativity, wisdom and a positive mindset.


Her passion to impart creative knowledge and expertise into others who have the desire to learn and grow for the advancement of their personal and professional development has aspired her to become an inspirational trainer to serve with excellence and humility.


No mountain is too high, no ocean is too deep, no river is too wide, if you balance spirit, body and soul in your daily life. A Godly life brings out the best in all of us.