The AdminPro Summit 2019 aims to bring focus on digital adoption in businesses and to address the issues on how readily is administrative professionals adopting the digital technologies in their daily works. For Malaysia to continue progressing in its development path, the digital economy is poised to be the new driver of development.

This summit is also addressing the aspects of how can admin pros get themselves ready and attuned to the rapid growth in digital adoption and also speeding up and accelerating their understanding and skills set to cope with the current administrative work environment. For the admin pros to keep pace with their growth in the digital economy to be broad-based and sustainable, key barriers related to mindset, skills set and pragmatic practices need to be addressed. We are looking at three aspects in Trending, Transforming and Tenacity – on how we can steer well in the learning journey, how it can help to bring positive changes to ourselves, in organisation we work in and to the community around us.


AdminPros need to accelerate their digital adoption along with the cutting age in technological changes…AI, IoT, Robotics, 5G, Cybersecurity. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, will affect not only the job scope but also the mindset of each individual. The fact is digital transformation spans the entire organisation and requires businesses to rethink their business models, products and services. AdminPros ought to keep abreast of this fast-moving change in digital evolution. Indeed, being an AdminPro in the digital age requires different skills, knowledge and experience than has traditionally been required. As technology continues to impact the workplace at an accelerating rate, AdminPros, regardless of their industry, must keep pace, adapt and expand their existing skill set in order to be considered a valuable employee.


Organisations need AdminPros to respond quickly to these competitive challenges and seek new opportunities in flexibility and adaptability. They need to get ready to face with the latest trends that are shaping the workplace, affecting their lifestyle and ultimately altering the way they live, work, and relate to one another.


MAPSA is again proud to put together a panel of distinguished speakers for the AdminPro Summit 2019. We are honouring the administrative professionals who make offices work. Let’s join together by committing in some significant ways to mark the Administrative Professionals Week commencing 15 June 2019 and the Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, 19 June 2019.