Ordinary Member (OM)

Associate Member (AM)

Life Member (LM)

Affiliate Member (AFM – (i) Individual (IAFM); (ii) Group (GAFM)

Junior Member (JM)

Corporate Member (CM)

Fellow Member (FM)

Ordinary Member (OM)


They shall be practicing stenographers, secretaries, administrative professionals, personal assistants or executive assistants with a minimum of two years’ working experience.

They can be administrators or office managers with a minimum of two years’ secretarial experience.

They shall possess the following minimum qualification:

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM or its equivalent); and

A Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) or Diploma in Executive Secretaryship (DES) rating or a secretarial/administrative management certificate from recognised institutions


Associate Member (AM)


OMs who have moved out of secretarial and administrative professions; self-employed, no longer working or residing overseas.

Associate Members shall enjoy all the privileges and facilities of Ordinary Members. Subject to Rule 10(1) *.


Life Member (LM)


This category will consist of Ordinary Members and Associate Members who have been with the Association for 10 years consecutively. They will be invited to become either Life Ordinary Members or Life Associate Members.

All Life Members shall make a one-time payment of RM300.00.

Any Ordinary/Associate Member who has been with the Association for a minimum of 15 years consecutively may apply to be a Life Member by making a one-time payment of RM1,500.00.

Life Members shall enjoy all the privileges and facilities of Ordinary or Associate Members.


Affiliate Member (AFM – (i) Individual (IAFM); (ii) Group (GAFM)


Registered secretarial/administrative associations or institutions established within Malaysia may apply to become group Affiliate Members by submitting their constitution to the Governing Council for review and determination that its purposes and goals are in conformity with those of the Association.

Lecturers in secretarial science may also apply to become individual Affiliate Members.

Rule 6(4)* on acceptance and rejection of application for membership and Rule 8* on termination of membership or resignation shall also apply to Affiliate Members.

Affiliate Members shall enjoy all the privileges and facilities of ordinary Members except that they shall not vote at any General Meetings or serve on the Governing Council.


Junior Member (JM)


This category will comprise of students who are undergoing full-time secretarial/administrative studies. upon certification under Rule 6(1a), they will be eligible to apply for Ordinary Membership and pay the difference of the fee at the prevailing rate.

The duration of Junior Membership is limited to a maximum of five (5) years.

Student Members shall enjoy all the privileges and facilities of ordinary Members except that they not vote at any General Meetings or serve on the Governing Council.


Corporate Member (CM)


This category of membership shall be open to any organization registered in Malaysia and who are interested in or concerned with the objectives of the Association. They may apply to become a Corporate Member by submitting a certified true copy of their Certificate of Incorporation and/or relevant documents or certificated as required by the Governing Council.

Corporate Member shall be divided into:

small organization with less then fifty (50) employees;

medium organization with more then fifty (50) but less then hundred (100) employees; and

large organization with more then one hundred (100) employees.

The Corporate Member shall nominate one (1) representative and an alternate who is working as a secretary or administrator in the organization.

The Corporate Member representative shall enjoy all the privileges and facilities of ordinary Members and shall not vote in any General Meeting.


Fellow Member (FM)


This category will comprise of any person who is not a member of the Association, but who have contributed to the progress of the Association and who has made contributions to the secretarial and administrative profession.

This is an honorary membership to be conferred to any person approved by the Governing Council.

There shall be no more than eight (8) fellow members at any one time.

The Fellow Member shall enjoy all the privileges and facilities of Ordinary Members and shall not vote in any General Meetings and shall be exempted from paying subscription.


  1. A member must notify the Association in writing when the category of membership has changed. Such member shall acquire the appropriate new category of membership on the first day of the following month. Upon approval of the Governing Council, the member will be charges the subscription applicable at the next calendar year.
  2. All applications for membership shall be made on such form as may from time to time be prescribed together with their bona fide professional qualifications to the Governing Council.
  3. The Governing Council may at its discretion accept or reject any application and shall not be required to disclose its reasons for the rejection of any application.
  4. There shall be no limit on the number of members for all categories except for Fellow membership.
  5. Members, on joining the Association, shall undertake to observe all Rules and Regulation including the Code or professional Ethics.




  • Membership category and fee


    Membership Entrance Fee Annual Subscription Number of Nomineess per company
    Ordinary Member (OM) RM120.00 RM100.00
    Associated Member (AM) Individual   Nil RM100.00
    Corporate Member
    <50 employess RM350.00 (Small) RM350.00 (Small) 3
    50-100 employees RM450.00 (Medium) RM450.00 (Medium) 4
    >100 employees RM650.00 (Large) RM650.00 (Large) 5
    Affiliate Member
    Inidividual RM120.00 RM100.00
    Group RM350.00 RM350.00
    Junior Member RM 40.00 RM 40.00



Membership Badge


Every member inaugurated shall receive a membership badge, and be entitled to hold the membership subject to annual notification of their renewal upon payment in advance of her annual subscription. Every membership badge shall be issued free of charge and shall remain the property of the Association. All members should wear their badge at each function.




Each Fellow member of the Association shall be entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting and other general meetings of the Association.


Suspension or Cessation of Membership


The Council may suspend a member for such period as it shall determine or may declare cessation of membership if a member:

  • In the opinion of the Council is guilty of furnishing false information.
  • Is an undischarged bankrupt.
  • Fails to renew subscription by 31 December or by two months grace period ending 1 March.
  • Tenders her resignation in writing and accepted by the Council.


Reinstatement of Membership


A person whose name has been removed from the register may apply at any time for reinstatement within required years, such a person may be reinstated conditionally or otherwise. However, a person whose reinstatement has been approved shall be liable to pay a reinstatement fee and arrears of subscription from the time her membership lapses. Reinstatement does not apply in the case of a member who has been expelled.




  1. The Training & Development Committee shall keep abreast of the latest methods and procedures related to administrative practice and keep the Association informed of such. It shall organize educational and other self-improvement programmes for the benefit of members.
  2. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for recruitment and selection process of members, maintenance of membership records, reviewing and updating of membership status.
  3. The Events Committee shall organize social and recreational activities including community projects.
  4. The Publicity & Media Committee shall promote the Association; liaise with the mass media as well as other professional associations within and outside Malaysia and strengthen fellowship spirit amongst members. It shall also be responsible for the publication of the Association’s newsletters.