Malaysian Association of Professional Secretaries & Administrators



Membership Badge
Every member inaugurated shall receive a membership badge, and be entitled to hold the membership subject to annual notification of their renewal upon payment in advance of her annual subscription. Every membership badge shall be issued free of charge and shall remain the property of the Association. All members should wear their badge at each function.

Each Fellow member of the Association shall be entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting and other general meetings of the Association.

Suspension or Cessation of Membership
The Council may suspend a member for such period as it shall determine or may declare cessation of membership if a member:

  • In the opinion of the Council is guilty of furnishing false information.
  • Is an undischarged bankrupt.
  • Fails to renew subscription by 31 December or by two months grace period ending 1 March.
  • Tenders her resignation in writing and accepted by the Council.

Reinstatement of Membership
A person whose name has been removed from the register may apply at any time for reinstatement within required years, such a person may be reinstated conditionally or otherwise. However, a person whose reinstatement has been approved shall be liable to pay a reinstatement fee and arrears of subscription from the time her membership lapses. Reinstatement does not apply in the case of a member who has been expelled.

  1. The Training & Development Committee shall keep abreast of the latest methods and procedures related to administrative practice and keep the Association informed of such. It shall organize educational and other self-improvement programmes for the benefit of members.
  2. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for recruitment and selection process of members, maintenance of membership records, reviewing and updating of membership status.
  3. The Events Committee shall organize social and recreational activities including community projects.
  4. The Publicity & Media Committee shall promote the Association; liaise with the mass media as well as other professional associations within and outside Malaysia and strengthen fellowship spirit amongst members. It shall also be responsible for the publication of the Association's newsletters.
Membership category and fee

Membership Entrance Fee

Annual Subscription

Number of Nomineess per company

Ordinary Member (OM)




Associated Member (AM) Individual  



Corporate Member
<50 employess  
RM350.00 (Small) RM350.00 (Small) 3
50-100 employees
RM450.00 (Medium)  RM450.00 (Medium)  4
>100 employees
RM650.00 (Large) RM650.00 (Large) 5
Affiliate Member      
Inidividual RM120.00 RM100.00 -
Group RM350.00 RM350.00 -

Junior Member

RM 40.00

RM 40.00



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