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EVENTS – Melaka Day Trip

The recent trip to Melaka on 16 September was fun, exciting and enjoyable and, most importantly, everyone was punctual so everything went on smoothly as scheduled.

We left Rumah MAPSA at 7:05am and arrived at Malacca town at about 9:30am. The weather was good in the morning but hot in the afternoon.  Along the journey, we had some games and karaoke session in the coach and everyone was singing chirpily and happily with the songs of the 60's and 70's, especially Lobo's sentimental songs.  

After visiting some of the historical sites, by about 10:30am we realized that we still had ample time before lunch at Bibik Neo Restaurant.  We arranged with our tour guide, Ben, for a visit to Bee Farm, which is quite near to the restaurant. The unplanned trip to Bee Farm 'made' everyone including the Events Chair, Caroline, to spend unexpectedly - so much so that Jessie and Ching Ai had to become her ATM for her extra shopping later.  Most of them bought honey products like pollen, royal jelly, etc.

The lunch was sumptuous and everyone was satisfied.  We collected the restaurant's name cards for future use.  We finished our lunch at about 12:30pm and proceeded to shop for Malaccan tit bits in a shopping mall nearby.  After a short spree there, we proceeded to explore Jonkers Street and all of us indulged in the shopping paradise under the hot sun.  We could see that Jessie was so anxious to head for her favourite coffee powder shop Aik Cheong and walked as fast as lightning as she disappeared down the street and headed for authentic coffee powder. The shopping spree at Jonkers Street started at about 1.45pm.  After shopping for one half hours, no one was empty handed!!  The best part was that all of us were punctual and re-gathered at 3pm, as scheduled, to start our journey back to KL!  Despite waking up as early as 5am and leaving at 3pm, most of us were still energetic and continued our karaoke session all the way from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur.  We arrived at Rumah MAPSA safely at about 6.00pm and KL was cloudy and raining dogs and cats!

So, for those of you who were not able to join us this time for some reasons, would have really missed the fun that we had!!  To tell you honestly, we really enjoyed ourselves very, very, very much that everyone was looking forward to another excursion!!

The End!

Thanks & Regards.

Caroline Tan
Events Chair
H/P : 016 2626222

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